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Bad Lads, Strict Sirs,
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CanSpanks: The Newest Spanking Event

Bad Lads, Strict Sirs
Published by Justin & Trevor in Resources · Thursday 20 Jun 2024
The drive through the Ontario countryside was beautiful.  The views were stunning and it felt as though I were escaping the stresses of everyday life - and I later found how true that actually was.  As dusk turned to nightfall, traffic was light and, in spite of diamond-shaped yellow warning signs, no moose appeared to be in the mood to interrupt my drive.  I was on my way to CanSpanks at the Fox Haven Campground, outside of Lavigne, Ontario.
My travel plans caused me to arrive late in the evening, and I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I was hungry - I think all I’d had to eat that day was a granola bar at the airport - and I was looking forward to seeing what this event had to offer.  My co-author, Trevor, kindly kept me company on the phone as I drove, right up to where I turned onto the private drive into the campground.  
It was dark.  I mean, this was no-streetlight dark, but more on that later (S’mores are involved).  And then, I turned around a bend and a cabin appeared, warm yellow light projecting from a long row of windows.  As I parked my car, Ryan, the co-host for the weekend, bounded (for there is no other verb that will do) out of the cabin, greeted me with a hug, and showed me inside.  A plate of food - a delicious eggplant and roasted red pepper pasta - appeared as if out of nowhere, and I was suddenly surrounded by spanko friends, old and new, and we enjoyed one another’s company until the early hours of the morning.
I suppose I should step back a moment.  I had heard of CanSpanks through Whappz but didn’t know much about it.  At Bad Ass Weekend, I learned more from a friend who attended, who made it sound spectacular.  At Hot Seat Retreat, I met Ryan, the CanSpanks co-host, who told me more.  I decided that I really needed to go.
And I’m so glad I did.
CanSpanks emerged as a partnership between Ryan (BlondBoyRan on Whappz) and PurpleBowTie (also on Whappz).  While attending university, Ryan was involved in ageplay communities and was part of a unique gathering, as he describes:  “There were four ageplay communities in different cities that decided to have an event, go camping, have a fun time, and it was the first time those four communities had met…and it was fantastic.”  Sadly at the moment but fortuitous for the future, the campground where it was held was sold and Ryan was able to find a new location - what is now the Fox Haven Campground.  
During his ageplay journey, Ryan met PurpleBowTie, who posed the question, “Have you ever considered spanking?  Because it could fit very well and be a complementary piece.”  It did, and it was.  As Ryan explains, “It was amazingly powerful, the headspace, having someone punish me, especially one whom I trust and love.”  Over time, Ryan and PurpleBowTie continued to pursue spanking, including presenting “Spanking 101” sessions at events to teach others about our kink.  
And then, it was time to develop an event.
Ryan had since purchased the property that became Fox Haven Campground, from the prior owner whom he describes as “a wonderful person, a great supporter, and a friend.”  With a wonderful location, “it made sense to have a spanking event.  There was nothing in Canada…so we had the place, we had the interest, and we had the passion, and I had experience in running kink events.  So it was a natural decision to run a spanking event.”
Just before the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a soft-launch of an all-male spanking event that became what we now know as CanSpanks, but it wasn’t until 2022 that the first event was truly formalized.  It was a small but fun group, and it grew to over a dozen attendees in 2023.  The future looks bright, with growing interest and attendance.  The all-male event is held annually in September, and an all-gender event was also added in 2022, held annually in July.  
Picture this as a summer camp of spankos.  Nights were spent in the bunkhouse, tucked into a comfy bunk bed; dinners were communal, prepared by campers with delectable culinary gifts (yes, that’s fresh pasta hanging out to dry); there were spankings and roleplays, including a full schoolhouse with thoughtful classes (yours truly taught improv, only to be interrupted by some errant lads with water guns, who were quickly sorted out); and on the other side, yours truly lost at the card game Bullshit (it’s real, and a blast, Google it!) and felt the repercussions from my fellow players.  And a delightfully curmudgeonly Santa, played by PurpleBowTie, oversaw a gift exchange (“Ho-Ho-Ho Santa’s not going to put up with this…”).  Who knew that kindly St. Nick was a disciplinarian?!
And then there was Saturday, in which I spent a lovely afternoon on the water, with Ryan leading me on a kayak tour through the rushes and past the largest water lilies I’ve seen, as well as an active beaver dam.  There was a nature hike, exploring rock outcrops, edible fruits, and amazing views.  There was fellowship and conversation, both spanking and vanilla, and one of the most relaxing trips I’ve had.


Ryan explained, “My vision is that Fox Haven is a place where strangers become friends and where friends become family.  Because it’s a safe place, it means that the only people who are there are there because they’re part of the community, to free themselves and be their authentic selves.”  Ryan is passionate about community, and it shows in the event.  There are no strangers here, even among those who have never met.  “Here, you're not just spanking and playing, you’re making food, sitting around the campfire, laughing, hiking, playing a board game…you’re getting to know people not just as a play partner, but also building a friendship.”
Speaking of campfires, on the last evening of the event, we gathered around a warm campfire in the otherwise cool Canadian air, enjoying S’mores, conversation, and some of the most incredible views of the Milky Way galaxy against the clear and unobstructed sky.  

The location truly is unparalleled.  Ryan identifies this as a unique aspect of the event.  Nestled into 130 acres, there is not only the camp and the trails, but also a private lake with its own island.  And, Ryan owns and operates the property and is constantly expanding.  “Throughout the next decades, the property will continue to grow and be adapted for the needs of our community.  This property’s primary use is for events for alternative communities.”  The nearby towns are close-knit and supportive of Fox Haven and its events.
Ryan shared points of pride that he and PurpleBowTie have had for the event.  “We’ve had people who came and it was their first event, and from this they’ve gone on to other events and returned to CanSpanks, because they felt safe to try things they’ve only dreamed of.”  The key here is community.  “It’s very community driven, eating together, school activities and hiking together, campfires together, but also large enough that if you want time to yourself, in a kayak, on a hike, in the garden, enjoying the orchard, or the many ways to find solitude and time for quiet reflection, you can have it.”
And plenty of time for spanking!

Come to CanSpanks.  You can stay indoors, camp, or bring an RV.  You’ll allow the outside world to melt away.  Enjoy natural beauty, fellowship, and, well, of course - our spanking kink!  This year, the event is September 16-22, 2024, and registration is open!  

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