B.A.W. Weekend

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Bad Lads, Strict Sirs,
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B.A.W. Weekend

Bad Lads, Strict Sirs
Published by Justin in History · Wednesday 13 Feb 2019
Tags: #Spanko#Kinky
Join Us at Bad Ass Weekend ‘23

It all started in 2010 with 13 men at a campground, who met to explore spanking play.  Fast forward to the present and Bad Ass Weekend (BAW) has emerged as the largest all-male multi-day spanking party in the world!

Last year, in the welcoming environment of the BAW tent, Justin announced that he and Trevor were embarking on the project that would turn into Bad Lads, Strict Sirs, and the World of Adult Male Spanking.  We are so pleased to have the first launch event for our book at this year’s BAW!

We will give a presentation about the journey that led to the book, including some interesting historical insights, how we understand and practice the kink of spanking, and the dynamic community of spankos - all with lots of voices from community members and the many perspectives that shape who we are.  A book-signing will follow.

Read more about the dynamic history of Bad Ass Weekend, and other events, and find advice for attending, hosting, and participating in events, among many other topics in our book!

We hope to see you there!


*A footnote for those who enjoy history…From its second year onward, Bad Ass Weekend has been hosted at the Parliament Resort in Augusta, Georgia.  This complex, currently billed as “the world’s largest all-gay male resort,” was constructed in 1958 as an installment of the Alamo Plaza Motor Court chain, which at its height included 32 locations in the southern and midwestern United States.  The first dated to 1929, which makes it the first chain of roadside motels in the United States. Most were located along the U.S. Highways that predate the Interstate Highway system.  The Augusta location was initially built with the goal of hosting visitors to a nearby military base.  It changed ownership and was redeveloped into the Parliament complex in the late 1990’s.  So, visit BAW, and experience not only an amazing weekend of male spanking, but also the opportunity to see a piece of American roadside history!  

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