Bad Lads, Strict Sirs

and the World of Adult Male Spanking
Bad Lads, Strict Sirs,
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About the Book
Drawing upon the voices and testimonies of over 360 community members, Justin, and Trevor tell the story of the adult male spanking world, including its origins and evolution in the kink community; techniques for safe, consensual, and meaningful play; networking tips; and its expression in community outlets including art, publications, studios, and events.
Whether for an experienced player or someone new to adult spanking, this book offers a comprehensive overview, incorporating the following dynamic features:
  • Perspectives, stories, and images from hundreds of spankos from around the world who provided their testimonies and personal journeys;
  • Classic and original artwork from community artists;
  • Exclusive interviews with video producers, event organizers, artists, storytellers, kink experts, and others with captivating stories to tell; and
  • Practical guidance regarding safe and consensual play, the use of implements, role-playing tips, types of spanking play, and more!
Although targeted at the male-male spanking community, the techniques, safety, role-playing tips, and how-to-guides apply to any adult interested in learning about the kink of adult spanking and improving their skill.
Who's Justin?
Aside from being a knowledgeable, kinky, hands-on player, Justin brings a lot more to the spanking bench. Check out more on Justin's bio page.
Who's Trevor?
Being the perfectionist, Trevor is always seeking new ways to improve his technique, and enrich his knowledge base. Check out more about Trevor in his bio page.  
Trevor's favorite things
Trevor loves being with his family and friends.  He enjoys being outside running, playing disc golf, and camping.  He also enjoys meeting new people and loves everything spanking.
Justin's favorite things
Justin enjoys traveling (you may see him at a spanking event near you) and pursuing his hobbies, including cooking, spanking, fencing, spanking, improv, spanking, and aprender español porque le gusta.

Bad Lads, Strict Sirs, and the World of Adult Male Spanking
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“This book offers many great anecdotes written by others who’ve come before you and some who are newer to the scene. I hope that you’ll identify with the stories, enjoy the humor, and appreciate the advice contained within.”
  ~Jaden/Whappz, from the Foreword

“This book is important because it helps us feel like our community matters. It gives our little world a little bit of legitimacy….. that we together are something bigger than some weird fetish that goes on behind closed doors. That we exist and are real people and that our sexualities are part of a natural spectrum of desire and sensuality.”  
-Member of the Male Spanking Community, 44, Missouri
Where are
Justin & Trevor?
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Hot Seat Las Vegas
July 10 - 14, 2024
An author will be present to sign copies!
Spank DC
August 17, 2024
An author will be present to sign copies!

Camp Red Tails
July 18 - 23, 2024
An author will be present to sign copies!

Can Spanks
September 16 - 22, 2024
An author will be present to sign copies!
Bad Ass Weekend
The East Coast's Only All -Male Event!
October 16 - 20, 2024
An author will be present to sign copies!
December 13, 2024
An author will be present to sign copies!
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